About Us

A few words about us

Newsman App is our "soul" project. It all started a couple of years ago when we decided to send out newsletters for our users for a couple of sites we manage. We had 2 publishing sites (lots of content) and some E-Commerce sites (lots of discounts and user interaction). We built a quick thing to send out our first newsletter. Then we noticed, hey we need some reports.
Then we noticed we have some deliverability issues. Then we noticed we want an easy API to integrate directly into our content / ecommerce sites.
We fixed all things. In the process, we got quite experienced at it.

Add this to the vast knowledge we already had in managing Email Servers and Linux Clusters and you end up with a beautiful scallable App for sending and managing email campaigns.

We called it: NewsMan (abrev from Newsletter Manager, or the man who brings the News).

We were lucky to have customers from almost day one. This helped us improve constantly.
Now we have a dedicated team working only on this project and we're always looking to add new valuable members to our team.

Founder & CEO & CTO
Program Manager
Sales Manager
Web & Graphic Designer
Senior Developer
Senior Developer
Senior Developer
Senior Developer
Account Manager
Senior Developer
Marketing Manager
Junior Developer
Junior Developer

Since we're mostly geeks, very TECH dudes, here is some quick info about Newsman.

  • Sending part (core) is built in Python
  • Reporting part is built in PHP5, Zend Framework, jQuery, Highcharts, Google Chart API and YUI Tables
  • We use cloud infrastructure for our distributed sending gateways (Python + Twisted)