Drag & Drop Newsletter Editor

Creating an awesome newsletter never been so easy.

create newsletter drag drop

You are just one click away from using one of the most advanced email newsletter editors in the world. With NewsMAN Drag & Drop Newsletter Editor, you will spend less time amazing newsletters for your customers.

The beautiful part is that you don't have to be a designer nor a programmer to get to use it. We provide prebuilt blocks including Images, Buttons, Text, Video, Ecommerce Products, Counters, Animated Gifs, Stickers, HTML blocks and Social Media which can be dragged to build your newsletter content.

Use one of our modern responsive email templates

Start your email content from scratch or use one of our newsletter templates (we have more than 900 email templates).

Connect your eCommerce shop with the email marketing tool

If you have your shop connected with NewsMAN email marketing platform (and you probably have, since we support a wide range of eCommerce platforms), you will be able to Drag & Drop Products directly into newsletter content. We fetch from your site the product title, image, description, full price and discounted price, neatly creating a row of products in no time. Instead of spending 20-30 minutes to create a nice ecommerce newsletter, you can do it now in just 3 to 5 minutes. This is FAST.

Add personal touch and personalize your newsletter content

Go beyond boring generic newsletters and personalize their content to make them more captivating. Make the customer feel special! Say 'Hi George', instead of just 'hi', then adjust the content for him. Personalize your sender name, email and use branded content in your email to make him remember about your brand.

Reuse headers, footers and rows from your newsletter

We don't just provide a Newsletter Templates Gallery. We also offer a Rows Gallery, with empty or predefined content, in various structures, with texts, images, buttons etc. that you can easily edit and save. This means that you can save any part of the newsletter and reuse it in any future campaign.

Autosave newsletter drafts, quick Undo and editing History

Forgot to save? No worries, we do it automatically. Store as many newsletter drafts as you want in your NewsMAN account. And in case you make a mistake, just hit Undo. One click, all fixed. Also, you can easily access your editing history if needed.

Responsive newsletter on all devices by default

From now on, you don’t have to worry about your newsletter looking bad on mobile. All the newsletters generated with NewsMAN Drag & Drop Email Editor are fully responsive and will look great on all devices: phones, tablets, desktops and email clients.

Hide some newsletter content on mobile or desktop

Your email marketing strategy might be different for some campaigns. Maybe you plan to show some content on desktop and hide it on mobile, so then you can show a different one there. With NewsMAN, you can do it and get better results.