Wheel of fortune newsletter pop-up

Replace the classic newsletter subscription form with a lucky wheel subscribe pop-up and provide your visitors with an interactive experience! Thus, they will find the registration more interesting, and you'll increase your email list faster, naturally.

One of the best practices in email marketing is to capture and collect new subscribers to the newsletter through own means, like for e.g. various subscription forms and pop-ups inserted on the site or blog.

However, with the digital evolution, the behavior of visitors and potential customers has changed and the classic static newsletter subscription forms have become slightly outdated and insufficiently interesting.

The marketing toolkit that attracts the future subscriber must contain something different from what he is accustomed to, such as a visually appealing experience, that creates enthusiasm and at the same time offers him some winning options / gifts.

And here enters the scene, fitting perfectly, the wheel of fortune newsletter subscription. Spin to win is a call to action, loved by everyone. Who wouldn't want to find out which of the listed prizes will win?

With the lucky wheel newsletter pop-up, subscribing to the newsletter becomes more interesting and attractive. See how easy it is to create such a pop-up.