Bulk SMS Campaigns

Sending SMS marketing campaigns remains one of the best options to interact with your customers. SMS campaigns have one of the highest impacts from the open rate and conversion rate point of view.

We have integrated into NewsMAN email marketing platform one of the best SMS providers in the EU, allowing you to reach your customers also by SMS campaigns, in a very fast way, in all Telecom networks.

The SMS contact list has the same look and feel of an email subscribers list.

You get the same features of emailing campaigns but for SMS: import / segments / planning / reports / forms and automations.

The bulk SMS campaigns you send with us are super fast, have volume pricing (so you can import as many phone numbers as you want) and they use only Premium routing.

We have direct connection with all major Telecom providers from the EU and with many partners from the World.

Go beyond email marketing campaigns and try also SMS Campaigns. Combine them both for maximum impact on your business sales.

Personalized SMS Sender

By default, SMS messages are sent from short numbers (for example: 1889). However, you can choose to apply for a personalized SMS sender, registering a text LABEL for your brand, up to 11 characters.

By doing so, your customers will receive messages from the brand they love.

Super fast SMS Sending SPEED

Our backend is so fast that nearly all your contacts will get the SMS message at the same time. Usually, we finish sending all SMS campaigns in the first minute or two.

You can either send SMS marketing campaigns for commercial purposes or transactional ones, like order confirmation or delivery status.

More than 7000 SMS / minute are being sent.

We only use Premium SMS Routes, with direct and dedicated Telecom connections.

There are just 3 steps to reach your customer: You / Your Brand: NewsMAN (1) > Telecom provider (2) > Client phone (3).