Transactional Emails - SMTP Server / API

Did you know that the average open rate for transactional emails is 80 - 85%? Reach your clients faster with our robust yet easy SMTP service and send them triggered emails about their booking confirmation, order delivery, password reset and more.

Once activated, all NewsMAN accounts have a built-in SMTP Transactional account.

You just need to purchase credits from the My Account -> Billing History -> Billing SMTP section. After, it will appear in the My Account section and the Transactional button.

The transactional email service can be used for one-to-one messages you send for your customers from your site / CRM / eCommerce shop / application etc. through the SMTP server we assign for your account.

All transactional emails come with built-in IP whitelisting, bounce and blacklist monitoring, spam complaints integration and dedicated reporting + history up to 6 months.

Integration with our SMTP Gateway is straight forward. Just change the host, the user and the password.

To generate this data, create a new SMTP account.

However, before that, validate the sending domain via DNS.

Our infrastructure is world class with almost to 100% uptime. We use geo-distributed high capacity load balanced incoming SMTP Gateways where the email does not even touch the disk (in the memory storage).

The email can be routed based on sender, recipient, tags or users activity (e.g.: active users get to use one pool and inactive users get to use another pool).

Of course, we offer a REST API, SwiftMailer plug in play transport, detailed reports and the most amazing transactional email templating features.

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