6 tips for successful tourism newsletter

by Dana Constantin Marketing

Tourism was one of the areas hardest hit by the pandemic, but is timidly trying, more than a year and half after the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis, to recover. And as everything is digital lately, email marketing campaigns are also important tools which can help revive tourism. Today, we come up with some useful tips on how to make a successful newsletter in tourism.

Attractive, quality and mobile-friendly tourism newsletter layout

Newsletter layout matters a lot. A newsletter must attract the reader’s attention in a few seconds. The images with different destinations, included in the newsletter, must be of high quality and as attractive as possible, because they weight a lot in the decision to organize a trip.


Then, from the design point of view, it keeps its graphics airy, uncluttered and easy to read, in tune with the brand identity. And to have a click rate 30% higher than the average (source), use responsive newsletter templates. With the NewsMAN platform you have such newsletter template, perfectly adapted to phone screens. 

We also recommend that you include video content in your newsletter. Online studies show that 66% of travelers watch videos about the destinations they target in the near future (source). So it seems only natural to insert them in a newsletter in the field of tourism.

Tourism newsletter with personalized travel offers

Deliver to your subscribers a newsletter with personalized travel offers according to their needs. Perhaps no other field is more fragmented in the types of customers, as we find among travelers. You can segment your lists in the NewsMAN platform according to the type of travel services you offer, in order to deliver newsletters that best suit your customer profiles and thus sell as much as possible following email marketing campaigns.

According to a study by Smart Insights, 85% of travel newsletters recipients want content delivered tailored to their travel style.

A small example in this direction: travelers who prefer all-inclusive stays will expect a completely different type of content in email news lettering than those who love to plan their own vacation from start to finish. The NewsMAN email marketing platform allows you to segment your email list so that you can tailor your campaigns to the type of customers and sales you make.

Tourism newsletter with successful locations and conditions Covid-19


Newsletter with tourist offers for Black Friday

Interesting content is good for attracting attention and customer loyalty, but don’t forget to include well-made offers! Especially during Black Friday, studies show that the recipients of email campaigns mainly expect offers in the newsletter to which they subscribe.

Tourism newsletter with User-Generated Reviews

Include user-generated reviews in your newsletter. Whether there are opinions after purchasing a tour package, pictures on Instagram or comments on Facebook, the opinions of other customers weigh heavily in the decision-making process for purchasing travel services. According to a TripAdvisor survey, over 90% of travelers worldwide decide to book a trip influenced by reviews read online.

Touristic newsletter with recommendations from influencers


Use well-known voices in the field of travel on social media, to propose and create content for your newsletter. Whether it’s people with large communities on Facebook and successful travel blogs or Instagram accounts with many followers, they will diversify and make your newsletters more interesting for customers. For example, in the NewsMAN.com client network we find the travel blog travelista.ro, one of the important voices in social media in Romania in the field of travel.

We hope you find our travel newsletter tips helpful and wish you successful email marketing campaigns!

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