Ecommerce Email Automation

Ecommerce automated email campaigns based on the action of your contacts - a must-have feature for your online shop. Convert more visitors into customers with eCommerce automated emails.

First thing you need to start an eCommerce email automation is to make sure your e-shop is integrated with NewsMAN.

Once your shop is integrated with our email marketing platform, you can set up some automated email campaigns that will boost your sales.

The most common eCommerce email automations are:

You can also tag customers by shopping or viewed products or categories.

NewsMAN eCommerce email automation is super easy to set up.

Choose a trigger:

  • add to cart for cart abandon;
  • order for product review;
  • page view / category view.

Choose an email template (we have some in our gallery). And just DRAG one of your eCommerce products rows into the newsletter template.

Set a delay from the trigger event (we recommend 1 to 3 hours) and make sure you put the condition: cart.products > 0. And that's all.

NewsMAN integrates with all major open source eCommerce platforms like: WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop and OpenCart and other custom Saas platforms like VTEX.

The integration works even without any plugin, by just adding our Javascript Remarketing Code to your website and using Google Enhanced Ecommerce via dataLayer.