Newsman features for GDPR compliance

by Ioana Radoi GDPR

We have good news for all our customers using NewsMan for their email marketing campaigns! Our email marketing platform offers GDPR compliant features :

Features already available in the platform:

  1. Enable high security mode (2-step authentication via SMS since 2016);
  2. Create subusers of the main account with different usage rights (feature available in the platform since 2011)
    1.  Admin (has same rights as main account user, except for the “My Account” section.);
    2. Editor + (can edit and send newsletters, and also import emails. Can not see / export subscribers);
    3. Editor (can edit and send newsletters. Cannot see / import / export subscribers);
    4. Read (can only see reports. Cannot see / import / export subscribers).

New features released on 31st of March 2018:

  1. Enable High Security mode through an authentication application code , such as Google Authenticator (Google Play, App Store ) or Authy (Google Play, App Store)

authentification code app

  • If High Security mode is not enabled, you can not view and download data from the Subscribers section. In addition, subscriber data can not be edited.
  • High Security mode can be enabled for both the main user and the sub-users of the NewsMan account. When creating a sub-user, you can set two-step authentication as the default method.

newsman subuser

1. Exclude profiling (the subscriber can be excluded from automated profiling processes (for example, segmentation by certain properties, such as location);

According to the GDPR, the subscriber may request the right of not to be profiled.

2. Data Download (allows you to export subscriber data when High Security mode is enabled, as described in # 1).

According to the GDPR, the subscriber has the right to have access to the data and can ask to see what data is there about him / her. As a result of the export, you will see any information related to the subscriber and his / her actions in the newsletter.

  1. Data download (it allows the export of subscriber data when the high security mode is active, as mentioned in point 1). As GDPR states, any subscriber has the right to access the information and he can ask to see it. After the export, it can be seen any data concerning him and his newsletter based actions.
  2. Data anonymization (allows anonymizing subscriber data).

According to the GDPR, the subscriber has the right to request the definitive deletion of his / her data.

Anonymisation action deletes all information of the subscriber. No information will be kept. Before you anonymize the respective email address, please also make sure to delete it from your database so that it is no longer imported by mistake. The anonymized subscriber will no longer receive emails and his / her email address will no longer be displayed in the list of subscribers.

The anonymization action is irreversible. Once running, the data can not be restored.

newsman gdpr features

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