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Transactional Mail REST API

This is a bit technical, but if your service does not offer Transactional Mail REST API (for free), maybe it's not good enough.

Our simple REST API offers a less chatty protocol for sending emails.

SMTP protocol is full of round trips before sending one mail out.

Bulk Send

The Transactional Mail REST API allows you to up to 50000 emails in one call, so yes you can use it for Bulk too.

If you ever used to send mail from PHP, the most notorious library is SwiftMailer.

We have a plug and play support Transport SwiftMailer. You only have to change one line of code.

Notifications in real time

Ever wanted to know back in your APP real time details about who clicked or viewed?

What about bounce and spam complaints?

Just setup the webhook URL and we will post details in real time.

Relay Host

In case you use Exim or Postfix (or any other MTA) we have a default way and a simple way of routing all emails via our NewsMAN SMTP.

Just set `relayhost =`. We offer relay by IP. You don't have to do Authentication at all if it's complicated or yous system does not support it.

Just setup the webhook URL and we will post details in real time.

Security and DKIM

All our servers are secure by default. When delivery to remote destination we always try to upgrade the connection to TLS (if receiving server supports it).

And by default we require DKIM / SPF domain validation. Your sending is authenticated and we ensure a high deliverability rate.

Send data via json and decouple the View from Model

If you use our powerfull editor to edit your Transactional Email Templates like we do for all our communication, then just send JSON as a mailbody in your code and we'll do the message build for you.

Ex: identify the template, run the template engine code (HandlebarsJS) and send the generated output (html or text).

This way if you want to change something in your mail template, you don't have to wake up or bother the programmers of your site / app. Just edit in our superb mail editor the BODY of your mail.

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