Email A/B split and MVT testing

Email split testing, also called A / B testing is an easy way to optimize the performance of your email campaigns in real time. Send 2 or more newsletter variants to a small group of your subscribers, wait a bit, then send the winner to the rest of the users.

What to test?

You can test a lot of things through A/B or MVT testing to see which variant of newsletter or email campaign performs better. For example you can change a small part of your email, like From Name or Subject or the Top Image or even edit the Whole Content completely.

How you know which A/B split variation performed better?

Picking the winner email campaign variant from A/B Testing can be done automatically by measuring open rate (how many people have viewed your newsletter) or click rate (how many people have clicked on one of your links). If neither of these 2 metrics suits your needs, go for manual review. Select the winner manually after checking the results.

Sometimes, changing one simple thing like Subject or Preheader can have a significant impact on your newsletter performance. This is why we recommend you doing A/B split testing for your email campaigns on a regular basis.

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