Autoresend a newsletter

Improve your email campaigns open rate with Newsletter Autoresend feature.

Autoresend is a nice feature you can use to increase your email audience reach.

With it, you can set up an automatic resend to subscribers who did not initially open the newsletter.

This is an easy way to increase your email campaigns open rate.

You can even quickly customise the Subject or add a personal note to trigger the subscriber's attention to open your email.

It's like an autoreminder for your subscribers inviting them to interact with your newsletter.

Once you finish creating or editing the newsletter, we have a practical sending panel, where you can send or schedule your newsletter in a few simple steps.

You have the following email sending options:

  • Send now;
  • Send later;
  • Multiple send (to future different dates and segments);
  • Autoresend to subscribers that did not open the previous email campaign.

The Autoresend feature makes it super easy to reach more of your users with little to no effort.