Why send newsletters on Black Friday? 3 reasons + Bonus

by Florina Coca Black Friday
black friday email campaigns

The long-awaited Black Friday shopping event is fast approaching. In the USA, it takes place on November 25, 2022. In fact, the frenzy has already started and everyone is preparing in their own way. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to send Black Friday newsletters, this is the sign that you should!

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should send Black Friday email campaigns to your subscribers.

1. On Black Friday, we really expect newsletters with offers

newsletter black friday deals

If we normally don’t like to be bombarded with dozens of messages, on Black Friday we really expect newsletters with great offers. We have lists of favorite things and obviously want to see which brand has the best deal for us.

So, if you have an online business, take advantage of this opportunity and send out Black Friday email marketing campaigns! Thus, you will keep the brand alive in the minds of customers and you will increase sales by offering relevant promotions to subscribers.

2. As subscribers we want VIP access to the Black Friday campaign, before anyone else

early acccess black friday

It’s time to reward the loyalty of existing subscribers and offer exclusive deals to those interested in the Black Friday campaign!

Create a newsletter signup form or a popup to give subscribers early access to products that go on sale on Black Friday. Inform them first, let them add their favorite products to their wish list, and, if possible, make a VIP presale campaign especially for them. They will surely appreciate it!

3. Send out Black Friday newsletter. No brand is too small.

send black friday emails

Everyone sends newsletters on Black Friday. Why wouldn’t you do it? Rather than being left out, it is better to quickly organize an email marketing campaign dedicated to the big shopping event. It would be a shame to receive messages about the existence of a Black Friday sale and have nothing to say to the interested people, wouldn’t it?

Plus, no brand is too small for Black Friday. And if you use the right email marketing solution, it’s easier than ever. For example, with the NewsMAN platform you have BF-themed newsletter templates, easily editable, in just a few clicks.

Black Friday Newsletter Template, ready to edit

It takes you a maximum of 3 minutes to customize a Black Friday newsletter template. Check out some examples below.

template newsletter black friday

Also, in the NewsMAN platform you have Black Friday banners available that you can quickly customize to match your brand. Don’t forget to insert a countdown timer in the newsletter and gifs for added suspense and dynamism.

Your BONUS to send email campaigns during Black Friday

Congratulations for reading to the end of the article! Now that you have every reason to send email newsletter campaigns on Black Friday, we have a surprise for you: a bonus 7% discount, if you are a new user of the NewsMAN platform. The code is: GOBLACK7. You can enter it at checkout.

Discount Black Friday NewsMAN

So, are you ready to start your Black Friday email marketing campaigns? Click below to sign up and send Black Friday newsletters now.

Instead, we at NewsMAN assure you that we will deliver your email campaigns 100%, without downtime. And if you need help, please enter the live chat on the website or send us a short e-mail at info@newsman.com and we will gladly help you.

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