Browse abandonment emails

Create an automatic flow of browse abandonment emails and reconnect with people who have visited your site. After all, they are more than those who arrive at the checkout. Don't ignore them. See how you can help them and thus increase the conversion rate of your online store.

Did you know that you can increase your online store conversion rate by up to 42% with a browse abandonment email flow?

Yes, it is true that cart abandonment email series are more popular, but not all visitors end up adding products to the cart. In fact, studies show on average 5-10% of people add to the cart and only 1 to 3% finish their purchases.

As such, what to do with the 85% who do not add anything to the cart? Respectively, with those who only look at categories or certain products and then leave the site ?

  • The solution is simple. Send them a series of automated browse abandonment emails. If you don't have their email yet, make sure you place a pop-up on the site with a relevant offer that will show up when they want to leave the site.
  • In the NewsMAN email marketing platform, you can segment subscribers by viewed pages, product categories, and easily customize a browse abandonment email flow of viewed products.
  • First, install NewsMAN Remarketing, then choose a predefined email flow from the Automation Gallery or create one from scratch. Modify it to match your brand identity, set waiting conditions, define content etc.
  • Then watch the email flow reports and see what worked best.
  • Start right now to improve your online store conversion rate with a browse abandonment email flow!