Detailed reports and analytics for your email campaigns

Track the progress and growth of your email campaigns. Use the email reports and watch the impact of every send, click and open. Then measure, change and optimize the next ones.

For each email campaign we provide detailed reports about open rate, click rate, bounce rate, complaints rate and unsubscribes.

On top of that, we also track clicked links, social shares of your newsletter and if your eCommerce shop is integrated with NewsMAN, we also track the sales generated by your email marketing campaigns.

Another important report is open / click rate, grouped by domain.

By using this report, you can quickly check if there are issues with a certain ISP or email hosting provider.

All the reports can be exported to Excel.

We also offer a heat map (map with action frequency in the newsletter), so you can easily see where subscribers stopped to look at and where they clicked the most in the newsletter content.