Ecommerce newsletter, drag & drop products

If you have an eCommerce site, you are going to love this feature. By using the drag & drop eCommerce newsletter editor, you will literally be able to drag products from your website directly into the newsletter. Save time and create an eCommerce newsletter in less than 2 minutes.

Create ecommerce newsletter

First step is to connect your eCommerce site with NewsMAN email marketing platform by setting the product feed. Don't worry if you don't have one on hand. This feature will work even without a product feed (we just have to do some magic behind the scenes).

Once the setup done, you will be able to drag and drop a predefined block of products from your online store by and then insert the products to the newsletter with a simple copy / paste of their links. All product data will be fetched automatically from your site: title, description, price, discount, product image, URL.

We even take care of auto image resize and CDN delivery.

To make it even easier, we support predefined ROWS with 1, 2, 3 or 4 products, that are you can edit and customize in the eCommerce blocks section to match your online shop branding colors.

create ecommerce newsletter add products
choose newsletter products from catalog

E-commerce emails with products from the catalog

You have two smart features to add products to your ecommerce newsletter. The first one involves selecting from the site catalog. If you've integrated your site with NewsMAN, you can import any product into your email campaigns with just a few clicks—using its name, ID, or URL. Choose your products, then personalize the row and format to your liking.

add dynamic products ecommerce newsletter

Email newsletter with dynamic products

The second smart function is creating an e-commerce newsletter with dynamic products. Set up a feed in your account for a product group, and later, you can send to subscribers a selection of products. You have the option to filter among the latest, best-selling, most viewed products, or randomly from the site.

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