Ecommerce Tracking

Improve your customer shopping experience and drive sales growth for your online shop using eCommerce tracking. Find out what pages they viewed, which products or categories they like and what they bought. Use this valuable data to send your subscribers perfectly-timed automated email campaigns based on their browsing or shopping behaviour.

They say email marketing is a top ROI channel, but don’t take it for granted. Check it for your business.

Go beyond views and clicks in newsletter. Start measuring how much you sell. That’s what really matters at the end.

When you integrate your eshop with NewsMAN and install our Javascript Remarketing code, we start tracking page views, category and product views + orders.

Once you gather more eCommerce tracking data, you can use it to segment your subscribers or to automate communication with them.

Once segmented, you can send them more relevant email campaigns. And once automated, you can see conversions rising. And the best part is that you can take care of other important business-related things.

So what are you waiting for? Go beyond broadcast newsletter and start being relevant to your audience with personalized, behavior-based email marketing campaigns.