Geo-tracking in email marketing

Have you ever wondered where your newsletter subscribers come from? Geo-tracking feature in email marketing allows you to know the location when they sign up to your newsletter and interact with your campaigns. Use this valuable information to send them geo-targeted emails with useful local content.

Geolocation tracking feature allows you to view and measure the geographic performance of your email marketing campaigns.

For each sent newsletter a geographic report is generated.

NewsMAN detailed reporting offers an easy map where you can visualise where your users come from.

Zoom in / zoom out and plot your views / clicks from newsletter.

This data is not only for viewing. It can be also used in Segmentation and Automation. So make the most of it. Segment your email subscribers based on their location, create personalized content for every group, then automate the communication with them.

* Our IP 2 Country database is constantly updated and refined.

** Geo-tracking map feature is currently in BETA version.