Email deliverability, IP whitelisting, Dedicated IPs and Shared Pools

In vain you make the toppest design for your newsletters if they don’t arrive in the Inbox of your subscribers. For a beautiful responsive email layout, you can use our newsletter drag & drop editor or the HTML one (if you prefer to custom code it), but for high email deliverability you need a robust infrastructure. And this is where our distributed system comes in, to deliver you results.

Sending Email Campaigns to your subscribers' Inbox is becoming harder and harder. Constant monitoring is required. Real time alerts and a bunch of full time deliverability experts are also needed.

Multi Cloud and by default distributed

Over the years we have built a hybrid solution, multi-cloud and distributed infrastructure that can easily be scaled without any downtime.

You send the email campaigns, We deliver them

Don't worry about servers, IPs, blacklisting, spamtraps, throttling. Just focus on content quality of the email campaign for your subscribers. Let us do the heavy lifting. We deliver mails the smart way.

  • We separate transactional mails (one 2 one) from marketing mails (bulk).
  • We send fast, like really fast (up to 10000 mails / minute). And this was measured just for one customer. All others get the same speed.
  • We route active users first in our queues.
  • We use whitelisted IPs.
  • We rely on dedicated IPs and shared IP pools.
  • We rely on a distributed MTA based on NodeJS heavily modified. Just one instance can handle millions of emails per day (and we have about 75 dedicated servers, plus a bunch of smaller Cloud based instances).
  • Our hosting partners have Terabytes of Bandwidth and are DDOS protected.
  • We use smart DNS failover powered by Google Cloud Functions and Uptime monitoring.

Email security and safety first

Your emails have to be properly authenticated to prevent spoofing, to get a good reputation for the sending domain and gain your customers trust. NewsMAN takes care of SPF, DKIM, DMARC settings for you. And this is not all. All tracking links are SSL protected (LetsEncrypt certificates). And all SMTP connections are TLS by default.

IP Whitelisting

Sending newsletters, email marketing campaigns or transactional emails from whitelisted IPs ensures your emails lands in the Inbox folder of your contacts. We have partnered with world leaders to get our IPs whitelisted.