Newsletter Performance Reports

Do you know how to use the newsletter reports to your advantage? An example would be to use the performance reporting to increase the open rate of your next email campaign. You can find out easily what worked well and when. Identifying the best moment to send out your next newsletter, will smooth its way to success.

NewsMAN is an intelligent email marketing solution, which continuously learns from the actions of your subscribers, thus constantly optimizing the results of your marketing actions.

Some of this information is aggregated in the Newsletter Performance Reports.

By checking the Newsletter Performance Reports you will find out:

  • the best day to send your newsletter;
  • the best month to send your newsletter;
  • the best hour to send your newsletter.

All this data is tailored to your subscribers audience and is constantly improved as users interact with your email campaigns content.

You can go further and optimize the sending of each newsletter based on best hour / best minute.

The best hour and best minute are calculated for each subscriber individually.