Newsletter content personalization

Stand out in your subscribers inboxes and upgrade your customer experience with email marketing personalisation. Make your newsletter sound personal. Make your email content so tailored and relevant that the subscriber feels he’s having a conversation with you.

You can use any subscriber data imported in NewsMAN email marketing platformy to personalize your newsletter content.

For example if your data source looks like this:

You can use in the email body each of variable by surrounding it with ##.
Hey ##firstname##,
Since your registered on ##register_date## you have gained ##points## points.

This is the easiest and simplest way to personalize your email content.

Some more sophistication is required if you build an eCommerce newsletter template. For. e.g. Iteration (loops) over an array of products and if / then / else tags are required.

NewsMAN supports the easy Handlebars JS template engine.

In fact all our eCommerce automation email templates are built with Handlebars JS.

{{#each NZCart.products}}
Product name: {{name}}

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