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Ecommerce purchase review email automation

Customer reviews are a powerful way to attract new customers. By using post-purchase review email automation, you turn a customer into a brand ambassador who will bring more customers to your store.

Encourage your customers to leave a review regarding the products they’ve bought and describe also their experience with your brand. This will help other people to make an educated shopping decision faster.

Consequently, your e-shop will gain more trust and trust will bring you more conversions.

Steps to set up the post purchase review email automation.

Pick one of our best practice post-purchase review email automation templates.

Customize it quickly with our easy to use drag-and-drop newsletter editor.

The purchased products will be imported automatically into the purchase review email directly from the customer's order, including images, description, price, availability and stock. Set the review email time frame when to be sent (we recommend to be at least a week after order delivery).

Include a link to the review section of your product or a link to a Social media share (Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / LinkedIN).

Activate the post-purchase product review automation and let your customers be your brand ambassadors!

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