User Agent Tracking

User agent tracking is an essential feature for your email marketing campaigns. It offers you valuable reporting about what device, browser or operating system your subscribers’ use. For every newsletter you send, you have a detailed breakdown about this, which you can use to adjust the performance of next email campaigns.

In order to understand your subscribers better, details about the devices they use to consume your content are required.

Nowadays more and more users move to mobile devices. Understanding which mobile devices and Operating Systems they use, will help you design a better newsletter content for them.

With NewsMAN Drag & Drop Email Editor you can choose to have slightly different versions for desktop and mobile for the same newsletter. The newsletter editor allows youto hide and, respectively, show a certain content on mobile and another one on desktop.

The best part is that any newsletter you build with NewsMAN will have a responsive layout. And this will help you keep both your desktop and mobile users.

But don't just guess how many subscribers you have on mobile and how many you have on desktop! Just check the reports and you'll get a quick overview.