Create a professional website, integrated with email campaigns

Build a responsive, professionally designed promotional website in a few steps, linked to email marketing campaigns and automation.

You don't need design or programming experience to create a website from your NewsMAN account. You can start from scratch or choose from a gallery of website templates. Use the drag & drop editor to easily add different types of content and arrange them as you like in the layout with a few clicks.

Add as many pages as you like in the website menu, visible on the left side of the editor. On the right-hand side, you have all the options for customising the pages, as shown in the image below.

Each element can be customised: width, colours, fonts, background images, etc. Forms can also be edited to add new fields, insert links to terms and conditions or even to ask visitors questions. Everything can be as simple or complex as you like.

You can also add, edit and save certain rows so that they are automatically repeated on every page of the website.

The editing interface allows you to enter analytics and other custom code: CSS, Java, HTML, etc.

What's more, you can add NewsMAN remarketing code. So, in addition to the ease with which you create your website, you have the advantage that it is directly connected to email marketing campaigns and automations, and the process of promoting products, converting visitors and measuring results is streamlined.

You also have a button to preview the page and check that it displays correctly on both desktop and mobile.

The website can be published on the domain of your choice, as a homepage or as a separate page, with the URL identifier shown at the time of publication.

To make your work easier, we have also created duplicate website and import/export functions.

Create a NewsMAN account and see how easy it is to have a professional website that helps you meet your marketing goals. Our team is here to help you and clarify any questions you may have.

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