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Welcome Email Campaigns

Once someone has subscribed to your newsletter, don't let him wait. Say `Hi!`. This is what welcome email campaigns are for. And besides this, did you know that the average open rate for welcome email campaigns is a whopping 50%? Which means they are 86% more effective than standard newsletters.

Welcome email campaigns are the best way to connect with your newly subscribed users and are a good opportunity to make a great first impression.

Say Hi, Jamie! Your new subscriber will love it.

Send him a standard hello warm welcome email.

Send him a getting started email.


Send him a welcome email with a freebie.

Then in a few days, send him an intro Video email with more details about your brand and products.

And after this

Send him an email with your Best-Sellers Products of the month.

Then later on, another email with a voucher code for his first order.

And so on. Make it all look like a consistent experience with your brand, crafted for him.

Welcome your new subscribers and introduce them into your brand world. Offer them what they subscribed for, invite them to socialize, send them your top selling products, and finally find out what products they are interested in and send them email campaigns with relevant content according to their needs.

The ultimate goal of welcome email campaigns is not just a hello or an introduction to your services, but to create a trustful relationship between your brand and your subscriber.

For this, we recommend you to send a series of welcome emails that will help you strengthen the confidence of your subscribers in your brand, attract and keep them involved, then present them personalized offers and finally convert them.