Welcome email series

Go beyond sending a single welcome email to your new subscribers once they have signed up for the newsletter. For more impact, create a mini-series or welcome email flow and give them an experience that's consistent with your brand, relevant to them.

welcome email after subscribing

Automated welcome email

Did you know that automated welcome emails (welcome after subscribing to the newsletter) have a great average open rate of 50% and are 86% more effective than regular newsletters?

Once they have signed up for the newsletter, don't let them wait for your messages. Send new subscribers a warm welcome email, along with what you promised them when they registered on the site, eg. personalized discount coupon, access to educational content etc. This is the first email in the welcome email series and it is best to send it immediately after subscribing to the newsletter or within a maximum of 2 minutes.

Quickly personalize the welcome email with the first name variable and use emoji in the title or content to add a friendly note to your message.

Here is an example of an automated welcome email (welcome email after subscribing to the newsletter).

welcome email series

Welcome email series

Build the relationship between subscribers and your brand immediately after signing up for the newsletter with an automated welcome email series. Activate a series of at least 3 welcome emails after subscribing to your site. In the first welcome email, welcome them to your brand's world and offer them a discount, free content or something relevant to them.

In the second email, you can invite subscribers to choose their shopping preferences regarding their preferred product or service categories. Thus, you make sure that they will receive only what they are interested in, which will count at the opening rate of your email marketing campaigns.

In the third email, invite subscribers to join you on social media to find out about new products first.

Here is an example of a series of 3 welcome emails after subscribing to the newsletter: