20+ Easter Email Subject Lines to Boost Your Sales

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Easter is the perfect time to send email campaigns to connect with your customers and entice them with relevant offers. In this article, we want to help you not only communicate more effectively, but also get more sales by using proven tactics to increase engagement.

We will focus in particular on writing good email subject lines. Studies show that nearly 70% of users decide to read or mark an email as spam solely based on the subject line (Invespcro).

How to write a compelling email subject line for Easter?

The effectiveness of email subject lines has been tested by various studies, precisely because titles are a key element in attracting attention and convincing people to open the newsletter. Here are some best practices and examples to inspire you for successful Easter email campaigns:

Personalization of the email subject line

Locality/region personalized email subject lines have a 29% higher open rate (Experian). You can also use the subscriber’s name, some favorite products, or other data you have. Some examples:

[Subscriber’s name], [Product name] is waiting for you!

[Subscriber’s name], [Product name] is now cheaper!

Free Easter delivery to [City]!

Order by [Date] and get [Product name] in your Easter basket!

Creating a sense of urgency

Urgency is also a selling element. Show from the title that the offer is limited. However, do not create false urgency. Limited stock or expiration time must be real.

Hurry, only 3 [Product name] left!

The rabbit sends you an exclusive discount code. Use it within 24 hours!

[Subscriber’s name], [Product name] has limited stock!

Clear and concise content

Clarity and conciseness can generate up to 541% more subscriber reactions (MarketingSherpa). Use clear, action-focused language. When available, numbers increase clarity and engagement rates.

We have put all your favorite products in your Easter basket 🧺!

🐰 Easter treats are here, with a 20% discount!

Catch the Rabbit’s deals. Limited stock!

Arouse curiosity

Curiosity. We are all overwhelmed with information, notifications, and messages from brands. Especially during holiday periods, when e-commerce newsletters multiply, it is important to stand out and arouse curiosity.

Are you a [brand name] customer? We have a special offer for you for Easter! Open and discover what Easter surprises we have for you 🐣!

In this holy week, we believe in economic offers ⤵️!

We jump over the competition! 🐇 Discover the exclusive deals we have for you!

Sărim peste competiție! 🐇Descoperă ce oferte exclusive avem pentru tine!

Easter Email Newsletter Templates
Easter-Themed Newsletter Templates

Relevant content for the audience

Relevance should be related to both the context and interests of your subscribers. Focus on topics that you know are important to your target audience, show them that you care about their opinions, and help them solve their daily problems.

Spring clean-up 🧹 Grab the latest products!

The rabbit delivers [product name] for free!

10 ideas for a successful Easter meal

No time to cook? We deliver “drob” just like mom!

No need to run to the stores. The rabbit comes to you! 🐰

Highlight benefits for subscribers

Benefits should be clearly stated in both the subject and body of the email. Answer the question: why should I read this email? What’s in it for me if I open it?

Save 20% on your Easter basket!

Easter recipes for busy people

Out of ideas? Open for a list of the Rabbit’s gifts 🎁

Conversational tone

A conversational tone can increase engagement rates by up to 17% (Hubspot). Not all brands can afford this, but those with a more casual image can benefit from it if they write email subjects that seem to come from a friend or colleague. After all, those are the messages we read first, right?

[Subscriber name], can we help you with your shopping?

Tired of cleaning?

Hey, [subscriber name], I think you’ll love this offer 😍!

We have a meeting planned with the Rabbit. Would you like to come?

If you use these ingredients in the mix of your Easter email marketing campaign, you have a chance to spark interest and persuade subscribers to open the newsletter. And since the success of a campaign depends on several elements, we’ll review some general best practices.

How to increase the effectiveness of your Easter email marketing campaign

In addition to an effective email subject, consider the following tips that will increase engagement and conversion rates for your Easter email campaign:

  • Segment your subscriber list based on gender, location, preferences, past purchases, etc. Segments help you communicate in a personalized way and increase engagement with your messages.
  • Personalize your message. Personalized emails have a 29% higher open rate and a 41% higher click rate than those that aren’t (Experian). Use subscribers’ names in the subject or body of the email, focus on their interests and any other information you have. The subscriber should feel like you’re talking to them, not to a crowd of customers.
  • Create a sense of urgency for 22% higher open rates (Invespcro). The offer should be limited in time or quantity, and the language used in the email should convince subscribers to act immediately. Use words such as “today,” “tomorrow,” “now,” “limited,” and useful visual elements, such as a timer in the newsletter.
  • Use a professional design and high-quality images, with specific images for spring and Easter and bright, attractive colors. You can choose from multiple Easter newsletter templates available in the NewsMAN gallery.
Easter email templates
Easter Newsletter Templates
  • Optimize your newsletter for mobile. More and more users are viewing email marketing campaigns on their mobile devices, so it’s essential to ensure that you have a responsive format. If you use a newsletter template from the NewsMAN email platform, it will automatically be responsive. You just need to check the preview on mobile and adjust if necessary.
  • Create an Easter email sequence, not just an eCommerce newsletter. The sequence can include an educational email with interesting and useful information for subscribers, a teaser for the Easter campaign, one or more newsletters with personalized offers, and follow-up reminders to further engage subscribers.

All of this is possible when you use the email marketing services of NewsMAN, which come with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop newsletter editor, a gallery of newsletter templates, and advanced segmentation and personalization features. Additionally, for increased conversion rates, you also have options for optimizing the sending time for each subscriber. Sign up for free today and create captivating Easter email marketing campaigns that will boost your sales!

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