Graphical SMS launch, for more attractive SMS campaigns

by Florina Coca Automations
newsman graphical sms

We have launched a new cool feature in the NewsMAN e-mail marketing platform: graphic SMS.

Why is graphic SMS cool? Because it adds value to your sms marketing campaigns and has the following advantages:

  • subscribers have access to more information with a simple SMS click; 
  • SMS campaigns with visual version catch the subscriber’s attention much faster; 
  • the cost is the same as the normal SMS text;
  • have reports on SMS engagement in the NewsMAN account;
  • you can include sending SMS in a stream of automatic emails.

Promote your business through visual SMS campaigns

We know that images attract the most attention, and people need to check their phones all the time. On important occasions, blend email marketing campaigns with SMS marketing ones and use a visual variant for the latter. 

Subscribers will be delighted because these types of graphic messages are more visually appealing and are shorter in size, delivering only the essentials of a particular campaign.

Click on the button below to see how you can create a sms campaign with a graphical version.

SMS text with graphic version, affordable fee.

The graphic SMS also named visual sms is a text SMS that at the end, has a link that leads to the graphic version of it, which can contain text, image, button etc.

It’s cost effective because it‘s not charged like an MMS, but like a normal sms. 

Details of SMS campaign costs.

Include graphic SMS in an abandoned shopping cart flow

cart abandonment email and sms voucher flow

Now you can increase the efficiency of the email flow for the abandoned shopping cart with a simple SMS text or with a graphic version. Visitors to the site may ignore the first email informing them about the abandoned shopping cart, but a subsequent SMS with a gift voucher about their order will surely get their attention.

We hope you enjoyed the new graphic SMS feature and wish you successful email and SMS marketing campaigns! If you are not already using NewsMAN, you can create an account by clicking on the button below!

For any questions, contact us on live chat or email at See you soon 🙂

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