How to stand out in the subscriber’s inbox through the experience offered?

by Florina Coca Marketing
email marketing for customer experience

It’s no secret that any business wants to stand out in the subscribers’ inbox and surpass its competitors in sales. However, things do not happen overnight, and the solution is not to copy the competition or to do as it is, just to be.

The solution is in fact simple. Put the customer or the future customer at the center of your email marketing strategy. No, it’s not a trend for 2021 because of the pandemic, but always was a #musthave, but unfortunately misunderstood or omitted by many brands. 

In fact, any business is born based on a market need, only gradually the reason for launching based on customer needs is somehow lost in the landscape, and when it comes to promoting those services or products, most brands send to subscribers exclusively commercial content, without first creating a connection with them, to seek to offer them an experience that is both pleasant and relevant to them and their specific needs. 

Thus, if you sell directly and focus on the product description and not on the benefits of the future customer, there is no way to go perfectly in email marketing. People remain loyal subscribers to brands that do things differently, that focus on the wishes and needs of the customer.

So, what would be the solution to stand out int the Subscriber’s Inbox?

The secret is to do things differently from the rest of the brands, for a successful e-mail communication with subscribers. Different means not to send exclusively a commercial newsletter, but to do email marketing oriented towards the customer experience.

We see below the common mistakes made by most businesses when sending newsletters, which generate frustration among subscribers and implicitly lack of commitment and what would be the solutions for them.

Be different in communicating with your subscribers through the newsletter 

Being different is somewhat simple, because you already know what you hate about a brand:

  • too many commercial e-mails (we are not in a continuous shopping mood);
  • inappropriate offers for your tastes and budget;
  • the email content is boring;
  • lack of return details, transport ;
  • lack of quick assistance in choosing the product.

And the list goes on.

Good! What needs to be done?

Subscription forms, with selection of topics of interest

It gives future people the opportunity to choose what they want to receive. Here are some examples of such forms:

You can create such forms / pop-ups for subscribing to the newsletter with a choice of interesting topics or product categories, in the NewsMAN email marketing platform.

Specify the frequency of sending the newsletter or let subscribers choose it

It also helps if you specify an approximate frequency of emails, or if you let the subscribers choose it. You can do this either in the initial form or in the post-subscription email.

An internet NewsMAN study shows that the right frequency of sending newsletters that bring results for online stores is 1 – 2 newsletters per week, of which the ideal is for one to be informative-educational and the second, non-aggressive commercial, with direct offer in clear.

Let subscribers choose their favorite product categories

Many brands on the market are proud of a wide range of products and send newsletters to subscribers in much the same way. But we don’t all want the same things. Many times, we come across a site because we are interested in a particular product.

If you have an online store, let subscribers select their favorite product categories and include only those in the newsletter. It doesn’t make sense to send everything in droves, with extra items that might not be of interest. If the subscriber is not interested, most likely he does not open the newsletter or opens it, enter the site but does not buy.

Put a budget filter on the site for the selected categories

We each have our own plans when it comes to money, and depending on what we have to buy, we allocate a certain budget. It’s easier when we get to a site, and we are helped to choose a product using the budget filter.

Send newsletters to subscribers with products that have reviews

Once you have found out which categories of products interest subscribers, include them in the newsletter. Choose those products that have reviews to help the customers learn more about them and what has been the experience of other customers. This will increase trust in your brand and help customers make a purchase decision after they have been informed in advance, faster than if you send products without reviews.

If you don’t have reviews for the products sold, you can always ask for customer feedback after they have bought. This is made easy by automating an email after purchase.

See how you can quickly set up an automatic email for product review in the NewsMAN marketing email platform.

Let subscribers add products to their wishlist before major campaigns

There are shopping periods expected and loved by everyone, whether it’s Black Friday, Christmas, Easter or seasonal email marketing campaigns (eg. for March: Mărțișor, Mother’s Day, etc.). 

These events give you the opportunity to show your newsletter subscribers that they have a special status. How can you do that? Send them a newsletter before the products enter the promotion on the site and let them bring their favorite products to the wishlist.

Alternate the content of the newsletter for subscribers

Provide a pleasant experience with the newsletter to your subscribers, allocating a little time to work on the variety of content in terms of design, but also in terms of the message transmitted. Subscribers get bored if you always send them about the same visual format and about the same commercial message.

Seek to help them with relevant product selection guides, delight them with slightly hilarious campaigns, organize a contest, let them sign up in advance for a future offer, use dynamic content, etc.

Send targeted emails based on actions on the site or in the newsletter

Although we are in 2021, there are still brands that do not offer a complete experience to subscribers or customers. Consumer behavior has evolved, and we all claim a personalized experience after subscribing to a service or after visiting a site.

Specifically, any brand should offer a personalized experience through automated email marketing, from visitor to customer. This means that after the subscription you welcome him, introduce yourself, let him choose his shopping preferences and the frequency of receiving emails and then send him only what is relevant.

Until you send him commercial offers, you have to build the relationship with the future customer and his consumer profile, so that you can offer him only what interests him. 

If he viewed products or added to the cart without buying, you must see what motivated him to stop. Through Email RemarketingNewsMAN helps you find out who has not completed the order and allows you to reconnect by email with these people. Send a series of at least 3 automatic presale emails in which you offer them the proper assistance .

It could be the price of the product, transport or that you did not put details about the return or simply something is not working on the site or the visitor was just in the research phase. It’s important to see how you can help.

We hope you found our recommendations useful for making an email marketing focused on subscriber and customer experiences. Put them into practice, and you will definitely stand out in the subscribers’ Inbox because they will appreciate that you are not like the rest of the brands.

We wish you good luck, successful email marketing campaigns and as many satisfied customers as possible!

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