Ideas and inspiration for Easter email marketing campaigns

by Florina Coca Marketing

Easter is one of the most important religious holidays worldwide and an opportunity to communicate with your audience. Beyond the Christian symbolism, Easter is associated with spring, Easter Bunny, time spent with family and so on. Seasonal email marketing campaigns are well received by subscribers who are looking for gift ideas, useful information and relevant products.

Statistics centralized by best1dot show that Easter email marketing sales have been growing by 70% year over year. Even though people buy constantly during the Holy Week, a surge in sales has been registered on Good Friday, something to take into account when planning your Easter newsletter

Even though statistics talk about sales, our advice is, as usual, to focus primarily on offering useful information to your subscribers, and then on sending commercial emails, with offers and discounts. Below you’ll find ideas and inspiration to create an Easter email sequence that will help you gain new and returning customers. 

Easter educational newsletter

The week before Easter is a good time to send useful information to subscribers. Here are a few newsletter ideas

  • Educational newsletter about popular Easter products from your store: decorations, food & drinks, books, Easter toys etc.
  • Easter gift ideas. Highlight the products that will be on sale soon.
  • Easter recipes made with products from your store. Why not create a special Easter basket or bundle? 
  • Local or international Easter traditions
  • Creative activities for those who want to spend a different kind of Easter.
  • Easter holiday destinations for those who prefer to travel. 

Below are two examples of Easter newsletters with a simple yet attractive design, that can highlight decor or recipe ideas. 


Easter eCommerce emails

The Easter email marketing campaign can be a generic one, with a discount code sent to all subscribers or with a list of discounted products, or you can create something more targeted and personalized. 

Subscribers segmentation and newsletter personalization work better than a one-size-fits-all email. Here are some segmentation criteria: 

  • Subscribers who have never made a purchase in your store. Offer them a discount for your most popular Easter products, together with free delivery or a gift voucher as an extra incentive to buy. 
  • One or more segments of existing clients to whom you can upsell or cross sell. For example, if you have data that some of your clients have bought books or toys in the last year, you can send them a newsletter with Easter-themed books or toys. 
  • An abandoned cart email with a gift Easter discount for everyone who added products to the cart in the previous 7-10 days, but have not finalized the order. 
  • Similarly to the previous point, you can create an abandoned browsing newsletter based on behaviors from the previous days or weeks. 
  • A reactivation email for those who bought from your store around Easter in the previous years. You can offer discounts for their favorite products or new suggestions they might enjoy. 
  • For all the above, save variables when clicking on Easter newsletter links and follow up with a discount for the precise products that people have shown interest in before. 

In order to create such personalized email marketing campaigns you must gather consumer data. How do you do that? By using the right email marketing services, which allow you to integrate your online store with your email marketing efforts. NewsMAN makes this integration quick and easy so you can create personalized eCommerce campaigns for Easter and other holidays all year long. 

Now, let’s tackle one of the most important aspects of email marketing: newsletter design

Easter newsletter design

As is the case with all seasonal newsletters, you must use design elements and photos that remind people of the holiday. If you sell Easter specific products, make sure you have good quality photos to use. Organize a photo session and place the products in an Easter context: the traditional Easter table, in the green grass, close to bunnies and colorful eggs etc. 

If your products are not necessarily tied to the holiday but you want to offer them at a discount or as gift ideas, use a newsletter template that already includes Easter symbols. Here are a few examples from the NewsMAN gallery. 


These templates can be used by any online shop. You just need to change the products with the NewsMAN drag & drop editor editor

A few things to remember when designing your Easter newsletter:

  • Use pastel colors.
  • Be creative with the copywriting, but keep it short and concise. Don’t forget that the email subject is particularly important for getting high open rates, so test different versions. 
  • Highlight the offer. Make sure that the discount code is visible and easy to use. 
  • Include a call to action that leads to the campaign landing page.
  • Increase campaign efficiency by creating urgency with a countdown counter in the newsletter. 

Here are a few more newsletter templates from our gallery for inspiration. 


If you don’t want to offer Easter discounts because it’s not part of your strategy or your products are not a good fit for this holiday, you can still send a simple holiday newsletter with a nice wish and a relevant picture. 

As stated at the beginning of the article, email marketing is mostly about offering useful information and building a relationship with subscribers, and only then about selling. That’s why you must send different types of emails and make sure that your eCommerce newsletter is both interesting and useful. Segmentation and personalization go a long way towards creating relevant email marketing campaigns, and good design enhances your messages and projects an image of professionalism and trust. 
If you are looking for a partner to help you send successful email marketing campaigns all year long, try NewsMAN for free and gain access to hundreds of newsletter templates, a user-friendly email editor and many other features useful for your business.

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