Launch of the newsletter pop-up subscription – wheel of fortune type

by Florina Coca Marketing
wheel of fortune

Have you thought about how you could make the newsletter subscription more attractive and interactive for subscribers? If not, we have an idea! We have launched the newsletter pop-up subscription, wheel of fortune type, in which you can set various prizes for subscribers.

Why the lucky wheel newsletter subscription form?

Compared to the classic newsletter subscription form that promises access to news and promotions or a discount on the first order, the spin-to-win newsletter pop-up is not only more visually captivating due to the movement and layout, but actually offers more possibilities to win: e.g. more discount percentages, free shipping, etc.

Although not all parts of the wheel will be only with percentage vouchers or free shipping, users will also find other non-material options, e.g. “You won a hug!” or not winning, e.g. “Good luck tomorrow!”, They can only add a little salt and pepper to the situation and generate smiles. These are just some examples, you concretely choose which winning and non-winning options you can set.

In addition, the way the spin-to-win subscription form is displayed is overlay type – over content, in the same window / page on the site, which makes it easier to use and google-friendly at the same time, not considered intrusive such as annoying pop-ups that open on another page and block user content.

And most importantly, according to researching:

The wheel of fortune subscription forms increase the newsletter subscriptions by up to 131%.

Edit the spin-to-win newsletter subscription form

The wheel of fortune newsletter subscription pop-up is completely editable, and you can quickly customize it according to your needs.

For example, you can add a background image, change the subscription text (message, font and color), fields to fill in when signing up, checkboxes (here we recommend using the acceptance of terms and conditions to be in according to GDPR), the button (text and color) and the wheel of luck itself (colors, and the variant of winning).

If you do not already use such a spin-to-win newsletter subscription form on the site, you can now create one. Click the button below to create a new account on the NewsMAN email marketing platform or to log in to an existing one:

If you have questions about the new subscription form launched or about the NewsMAN platform, write to us at or enter the live chat on the site. We wish you successful email marketing campaigns and good luck at conversions!

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