Some tips for a spookily effective Halloween newsletter

by Dana Constantin Design

Halloween is just the start of a season of newslettering campaigns targeted at different themed holidays, and it’s important to have a tailored campaign that will bring the best results. In addition, Halloween tends to become one of the most “consuming” holidays, in the US alone last year Halloween generated $10.14 billion in sales!

The team comes up with some tips for spooky effective Halloween emails!

What industries would you be best to do a Halloween newsletter campaign for?

If your field of activity is related to the specifics of Halloween (costumes, decorations, food, make-up or party accessories), don’t hesitate to do a broad newslettering campaign, not just in the last days of October, but expose your seasonal offers in advance, a few weeks before.

Even if the products or services you want to promote in a Halloween email campaign aren’t specifically targeted for this holiday, an email with a well thought out and tailored template will get you the conversion you want.


A few tips for a successful Halloween newsletter

Use colors specific to this holiday: orange, black or white. You can go for strong hues and clear contrast, or a more subtle palette of orange pastels. You can go for a minimalist style, with evocative black and white illustrations, or go for a visually charged version, with lots of pumpkins or people in Halloween costumes. Alternatively, you could try suggesting the idea of ‘monstruous’ in phosphorescent shades of green or purple.
Don’t hesitate to introduce characteristic graphic elements: pumpkins, ghosts, haunted houses, witches, bats, etc. Keep your brand’s graphic line, but “spice it up” with a few Halloween decorations to attract customers’ attention.
You can also choose just a tomnatic theme and graphics, with colorful leaves in shades of orange and shades characteristic of the season.

Use an existing template from gallery of templates, easily and quickly customisable.

Or use your classic newsletter template, which you just “decorate” a little differently with Halloween-specific elements or autumn colours.

You can search for banners in the image gallery by words like: halloween sale, trick or treat, autumn holiday, pumpkin, halloween costumes, boo, spooky and more.

Use specific fonts that suggest the idea of Halloween.
You can also use some emoji to reflect the spirit of the holiday in your email texts.

The subject line of your Halloween emails is very important, as it is the first thing that attracts potential customers to click and open your email. Choose text in tune with the holiday: famous lines from Halloween movies, phrases used for the occasion (Boo! Trick or treat!, for example) or puns. After all, Halloween is a spooky holiday treated with a lot of humour by fun-lovers with ghosts, witches and pumpkins, and that’s how your Halloween emailing campaign should be designed.

Suggest special offers to customers, available only on Halloween, and mark them prominently in your newsletter. A few examples: a book shop might run a promotion with horror books, and a travel website might offer discounts to destinations known as “haunted” or, why not, beautiful destinations to visit in autumn, with pumpkins, colourful leafy trees and seasonal food. But the “call to action” button should be clearly marked, suggestively titled to reflect the Halloween promotion you’re promoting.

Hoping for the most profitable Halloween newslettering campaign possible, we hope we’ve inspired you with our tips in this article!

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