Launch of the logical scheme for automatic email flow

by Florina Coca Automations

2021 comes with urgent digitization needs for most companies that have not yet followed this process or have partially followed it, most of them being forced to do so due to the COVID-19 pandemic, started last year. As a result of the need to move from offline to online or to improve their web presence, more and more businesses have focused on online marketing, so necessary for building branding, developing notoriety among consumers and the promotion of services on a larger scale.

In the digital marketing mix, the email marketing strategy plays a particularly important role because it depends on attracting and capturing new potential customers, adequate personalized communication with them before and after the sale, and subsequently, their loyalty.

To achieve the marketing objectives mentioned above, classic newsletters are not enough. The solution? Eemail marketing automation based on subscriber actions.

Why email marketing automation?

If in the past marketing automation solutions were used in principle by large companies or corporations, along the way they began to be used by SMEs, which decided that it is worth investing in such solutions. According to an EmailMonday study, 51% of businesses currently use marketing automation.

Of all the types of marketing automation, email marketing automation is the most popular (according to Smart Insights research). 

The automatic emails, triggered by the actions on the site, offer a better user experience and have higher opening and click rates than non-automatic ones. According to the Epsilon Institute, automated emails have a 70.5% higher opening rate than regular newsletters and a 152% higher click-through rate.

Automated marketing also increases sales department productivity by 14.5% (Nucleus Research), and 63% of companies that use marketing automation outperform competitors (Lenskold’s Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study).

So, if you want better results in your e-mail marketing strategy, don’t limit yourself to the newsletter, but implement a series of automatic e-mails depending on the behavior of the subscribers.

Create automatic email flow with the NewsMAN logical scheme

If you are convinced of the importance of using marketing automation and email marketing automation along with the resulting benefits (according to the statistics mentioned above), but at the same time you do not want to catch your ears in a too complicated system, then we have good news.

We have launched the NewsMAN logical scheme for creating the automatic email flow! It is a way in which you can quickly set up automatic email series of all types, after subscription (welcome email series), after viewing or clicking in the newsletter, after custom subscriber variables, etc. Also, if you activate NewsMAN Remarketing, you can create automatic email flow for abandoning browsing / viewed products, for abandoned cart and series of after-sales emails (e.g. product review, voucher for the second order, etc).

Below are some examples of automated email flows created in NewsMAN, using the new logical scheme module.

Automatic email flow for website browsing abandonment – products viewed:


Automatic email flow for the abandoned cart:


Automatic after-sales email flow – product review:


With the logical scheme, email marketing automation becomes accessible to less technical people. Try the new module and create now an automated eCommerce email flow.

We hope you like the way it works and if you have feedback or need help, write to us at or enter the live chat on the site. We wish you success in your conversions and successful email marketing campaigns!

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