New features for personalized email marketing: save variables when clicking on newsletter links

by Florina Coca Automations

If you are a fan of personalized email marketing and you prefer to send campaigns that are tailored to each subscriber, we have good news for you 🙂!

We have launched a new feature in the NewsMAN e-mail marketing platform – automatic subscriber variable saving when they click on the newsletter links.

Why save variables by clicking on links in the newsletter?

Because it’s time to take message personalization to a new level given the continuous evolution of the digital market and the need to improve user experience.

In a nutshell, it’s time to stop relying only on the subscriber data collected through forms, and go towards email newsletters campaigns based on behavior and action

After all, the forms only give you basic information, but you are more interested in the action after. Hence, the need for this new feature. 

What is the purpose of the new feature for saving subscriber attributes when clicking links?

NewsMAN, the new feature for saving personalized subscriber attributes, is used for advanced subscriber base segmentation.

This is especially the case with advanced segmentation. For example, you have an online store and you send out a newsletter with the main product categories you offer and a few details about it. From the many categories you offer, it would be great to know which categories were clicked on and what type of products each subscriber is interested in.

Example of adding link to image with custom product category attribute, e.g., women’s shirts:


Example of adding text link with custom voucher attribute, e.g. Free shipping welcome voucher:

custom voucher attribute

Of course, you can also see this in the classic reports of email campaigns, but the new function makes your life easier because it lets you put attributes to subscribers directly in the newsletter editor. Later you can activate an automation, and thus those subscribers enter directly into segments, and you can send them a personalized newsletter according to their click preferences.

Example of automation with attribute segmentation, corresponding segmentation, and automatic emailing by product category:


We hope you enjoy the new advanced subscriber segmentation functionality based on their click preferences, and we wish you successful email marketing campaigns!

For any questions, contact us at or through the live chat on our website, and we will be happy to assist you :). May you have many personalized campaigns, based on your customers’ interests!

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