Net Promoter Score email automation launch: retain clients with personalized NPS campaigns

by Sabina Gauld Marketing

Do you want to have a good relationship with your customers and find out how you can better meet their needs? Nothing easier! Ask them directly. Find out what they think of your brand experience by sending them an automated NPS email survey. You can do this easily by setting up an automation in the email marketing platform.

The Net Promoter Score is a method used to measure client satisfaction with your products or your store and to find out how likely it is that they will recommend you to friends. Based on the client score, you can create personalized campaigns which help with retention and loyalization. When you send an NPS review form through the email marketing platform NewsMAN, the NPS results are stored in your account and the database is automatically segmented. 

Before telling you how the NPS automation works and giving you a few ideas on how to use it to achieve your marketing objectives, here are a few proofs that it’s worth giving it a try:

  • The jewelry brand Taylor&Heart reported a 70% increase in revenue as a result of NPS campaigns which helped them identify their most popular products and understand the types of clients and their location, according to HotJar. 
  • HotelTonight successfully used NPS review campaigns to get feedback from clients and act upon it immediately. Their efforts resulted in an improved NPS score well over the industry average, according to Delighted. 
  • Fred Reichheld, who invented the NPS in 2003, continued his research into the method for 20 years and concluded that businesses that focus on getting feedback to improve client satisfaction are able to create “incredible value” long term, according to 

The Net Promoter Score is even more important in this day and age when, in many industries, face to face interaction is being replaced by online experiences. Use NPS automations to measure client happiness, to communicate in a useful and relevant manner and to stay ahead of the competition.

How to calculate the Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score is calculated based on an NPS form you send through an email to clients, asking them to rate your store, products, customer support, shopping experience etc. on a scale from 1 to 10. Clients can choose a rating and add a comment, if they wish. Based on the client scores, they are divided into three categories:

  • Detractors – client score from 1 to 6. These customers were not happy with the products or the experience and will not recommend the brand.
  • Passives – client score from 7 to 8. Clients in this category think positively about the brand, but not enough to recommend it to others. 
  • Promoters – client score from 9 to 10. Here you have loyal customers, who are happy with the brand and will likely recommend it to friends and colleagues. 

To get the final Net Promoter Score, you must subtract the percentage of detractors from that of the promoters. For example, if 40% of respondents are promoters and 10% are detractors, the NPS is 30. To put this score into perspective, here are the average Net Promoter Scores in different industries in 2022, according to Statista


It’s important to calculate your Net Promoter Score at different moments in time and use the information in your marketing campaigns. After researching NPS for two years, the London School of Economics concluded that an improved NPS is positively correlated with a rise in revenue. More specifically, a 7-point rise in the score was correlated with a 1% rise in revenue. 

NPS automation in email marketing

Considering the relevance and importance of client scores, NewsMAN has launched the NPS automation feature which can be easily implemented from your client account. 

The NPS form can be sent after someone subscribes to the newsletter or finalizes an order on the website, after a specific period of time decided by you. As the NPS review forms are being filled in, data is stored in your account, per each subscriber, with the option to also send the data to an external document, such as Google Spreadsheet. 

Here is an example of an NPS email automation:


For NPS campaigns, we recommend using a dedicated newsletter template from the NewsMAN gallery. The template can be quickly customized using the drag & drop editor. 


Of course, you can also easily create NPS emails from scratch and save them as templates for future use. 

The NPS automation can be part of an eCommerce email sequence, as a post-sales step that allows you to gather real-time feedback. 

How to use client scores

Once the NPS email automation is saved, NewsMAN collects and stores the data and automatically creates three subscriber segments: detractors, passives and promoters. 

Here are the objectives you can achieve through NPS campaigns

  • Improved subscriber or client experience with your brand. Find out important information about your clients directly from the source through NPS reviews. Use the data immediately to see what works and what doesn’t, and to take steps to implement improvements. Even though getting clients in the “detractors” category might be discouraging, it’s actually precious data that allows you to grow as a business. 
  • New product development or improvement of existing products. Client feedback helps you identify popular and less popular products, missing or favorite features, and reasons why people might not buy or recommend you to friends. 
  • Client retention and loyalization. The cost of client acquisition is high, so client retention is a priority for most businesses. Offer extra benefits to your “promoters” and encourage them to recommend you to friends (knowing that they are likely to do it). For example, you can offer a discount for new clients they bring in or a voucher that can be shared with others. For “passives”, create educational newsletters that bring them closer to your brand and win their trust. Finally, inform “detractors” of the changes you implemented based on their feedback. 
  • Relevant, personalized communication. List segmentation and content personalization are essential for successful marketing campaigns. The Net Promoter Scores offers a general idea of client satisfaction, but also detailed information which you can use for personalizing newsletters, so that communication is always useful for each client. According to a McKinsey and Company research from 2021, over 70% of consumers expect to get personalized offers and are frustrated by general ones. The same study shows that brands using personalization report revenues 40% higher. 

We hope that we have convinced you to include the NPS automation in your marketing efforts and that we have given you a few ideas of how to use it to improve your relationship with subscribers and clients. 

Try NewsMAN for free to discover other email marketing automations that will make your life easier and help you run successful promotions. 

For any questions, drop us a line at or use the live chat and we will gladly help. 

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