5 Most Loved Personalized Emails with Examples

by Florina Coca Marketing

You know those emails that just delight you? Whether they make you sketch a smile or just give you a feel-good vibe, they simply lift your vibe and you love them! It’s the personalised emails that you read with gusto.

It’s those email campaigns that you feel are for you. 

Let’s take a look at 5 examples from the most loved personalised emails category:

1. Welcome email after subscription


Who doesn’t like to be welcomed and greeted with warm words after signing up for the newsletter? And what’s more, they often come with a gift!

Yes! You guessed it! It’s the welcome email. You can’t help but love it. It’s nice to receive a cheerful email with a personalised gift.

Examples of welcome emails


Choose from NewsMAN’s welcome email templates and edit it to your liking. You can also create a whole automatic series of emails after subscription, allowing you to gradually build your relationship with them.

2. Loyalty reward email


We love to be rewarded for our frequent purchases from a particular store! It goes without saying that we will most happily receive the loyalty email with all that we have accumulated.

Loyalty reward emails for eCommerce shopping remain a super practice in business growth and should not be missing from your marketing strategy.

Examples of loyalty reward emails

3. Personalised recommendation email


Another type of email we like is the one with product recommendations. Basically, these take into account our browsing and shopping behavioural profile as appropriate. Further, our shopper profile is filled in with our individual data. That is, those demographic data provided during checkout or in the newsletter subscription form.

Some brands, such as MiniPrix, go further and encourage detailed setting of shopping and mailing preferences directly in the subscription process.


This way, subscribed subscribers will only receive product categories of interest and the newsletter topics will be according to their chosen options. We appreciate the effort of such stores that manage to deliver us personalized email campaigns.

Examples of personalised recommendation emails 

Activate the NewsMAN Remarketing function to be able to segment subscribers according to their activity in the eCommerce store.

Create a free NewsMAN account if you don’t already have one and start sending personalised emails to your subscribers. They’re sure to appreciate them much more than general ones. Click on the button below to register for free:

4. Anniversary email


Whether it’s our birthday or our name day, we love wishes! Birthday emails are a nice surprise for subscribers.

When you create subscription forms, include the date field so you can prepare an email with good thoughts and congratulations as appropriate. Here are 2 examples of birthday emails, with simple Happy Birthday wishes and cute design!

Also, a good practice is to make a special offer, just for the day of the celebrant. Choose from NewsMAN email templates with the Birthday tag and create the message in a snap.

Examples of birthday emails


5. Review email


The post-purchase review email is one of the most appreciated messages by customers. It gives them the opportunity to talk about their purchase experience and at the same time helps others with useful feedback about the quality and feasibility of the products in their order.

In NewsMAN platform, you can set up several types of post-sale or post-customer interaction emails, such as the ordered product review email, general feedback email or NPS survey email (NetPromoter Score).

Examples of review, feedback or NPS survey emails

We hope you enjoyed the article and invite you to include personalized emails in your marketing strategy to increase subscriber engagement and performance levels! If you need help implementing the 5 types of personalized emails: welcome, reward, referral, anniversary and review, email us at info@newsman.com or join the live chat and we’ll help you quickly.

We invite you to discover the NeswMAN newsletter platform and try it for Free if you haven’t already. Click on the button below to register:

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